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Wedding Video in Athens

When my friend Kostas Kastanakis told me about this wedding in Athens I didn’t even gave it a second thought. I was about to go to Athens one of those days anyway and the wedding on the 15th of January was a perfect fit.
Kostas is an amazing videographer with a cinematic style that I love and he has also helped me with some projects in the past. This time it was my turn to help him out.

What a lovely wedding it was… The couple Elias and Eliana, both doctors with a great taste in everything, had paid attention to every little detail in their wedding. Photography and videography could not be left out in this perfect setup.
George Pahountis was doing the stills and me and Kostas took care of the video. I believe that we all did a great job there.
Here is a short teaser Kostas just posted.
Thumbs up Kostas, it was my pleasure working with you again.


“fearless photographers” best of show award

I am a professional photographer for approximately 12 years and I had never win a competition or taken an award or anything. How could I anyway? I had never sent an image to a competition!

Well, one thing I know for sure, to win an award in a competition, first thing you have to do is enter the competition (how genius is that?)

Being a member of the Fearless Photographers group for a couple months now, I decided to enter their monthly competition. The fact that some of the best photographers in the world are members there and submit images in the competition regularly, wasn’t working in my favor so I entered the competition not really expecting anything, especially after I found out that more than 2500 images were submitted from great photographers from all around the world.

I was really surprised when I saw my picture not only featured in the awards but also receiving a “best of show” title meaning that my picture was one of the 5 pictures that all 5 judges voted for.

Getting a “fearless” award is a great honor, getting a “fearless, best of show” award though is an even greater one and really not something I could even dream of.

So here is the image that was awarded:

Image taken at the bride’s preparation in Grecotel Creta Palace Hotel in Rethymnon, Crete.

A Big thank you to the judges of this competition: Ryan Brenizer, Joe Appel, Sergio, Jacqueline Dersjant, and Candice Cusic.

If you want to see some great, fearless photography, check out all the awarded images here or through facebook.

If you like more info about the fearless photographers and the  fearless awards just visit the fearless photographers web page and enjoy some of the finest wedding photography in the world.

If you like what you see, you can “like” the fearless photographers facebook page too


A Different “Wedding” Picture

A  few weeks ago, some of  my friends at our local photography club lefki, followed an art photography seminar held by the Panopticon Art If Act project.

It’s a project about free educational seminars in 13 Greek cities, with 13 different themes. 13 students participate in each one of them and the project is sponsored by OPAP (hence the number 13 on the project).

In the end of the seminar they asked them for a group picture of all 13 participants. But it couldn’t be just any picture, it should be a themed picture with a theme of their choice.

Now lefki organizes every year, seminars for enthusiast photographers and some of the members including my self  offer their knowledge for free in a 3 months photography course. This year we broke every record with more than 100 students attending.

It was in our first day when the seminars started that we were all together at Asotos Yios where our seminars take place, and some of the panopticon seminar participants were there too, talking about that group photo they had to take and at that point one of them, Spiros Zervoudakis looked at me, turned back to the other guys he was talking with and said: “I have a great idea…”, “we will do a wedding photo, Spiros will do it for us”.

For some reason some people when they look at me they think of weddings:), I wonder why.

I had no idea what they were talking about but I joined the conversation out of curiosity.

When I heard what it was about I was overly excited. I agreed to do it straight away and since it had to be done within just a couple of days I had to act really quick.

I was in charge to prepare the photo shoot of 13 of my friends with “Wedding” as a theme. Well I was not going to do this in the conventional way. Thank god everyone was just as crazy as the idea was and we ended up with some of the funniest wedding group pictures ever. Everyone of them had to get dressed something odd for a wedding. This was going to be fun.

The organizers at Panopticon had a blast when they saw them. I believe it’s going to be hard for them to forget about those crazy Cretans.

The first one was selected to be used and the second was a runner up


The “Royal” Wedding

The “Mexican” wedding


Stathis & Ioanna

When a D.J. gets married you can expect that the party is going to be awesome. Well, Stathis, Ioanna and their friends didn’t let us down on this. That was a hell of a party!!! We left at 5:30 in the morning if that says anything…
Stathis is one of my favorite wedding D.J.s and when he plays the dance floor is always packed.
He didn’t play music on his own wedding of course but he was everywhere partying and enjoying the night.
The reception started with a concept pre-wedding video my colleagues from Atheaton Productions did for them and Stathis & Ioanna entered Esperos with balloons that matched the video’s theme.
The first surprise was with the music band NOSTODIA. OMG the guys were AMAZING. It was the first time I really enjoyed a band that was there to provide the “traditional” Cretan music part of the reception.
Noooo, not your average Cretan music band, these guys play everything and they play it well and with THEIR OWN style. They played traditional Cretan, “alternative Cretan” (that’s what I thought off when I heard them playing some traditional Cretan songs in a completely different way), acoustic, Disco, Rock & Roll, Rock, Greek folk music, Greek rock music, they even did dome stand-up-comedy-like songs. And most importantly they did them well keeping the party mood really high the whole time. Congratulations guys.

The party of course had a D.J.s part as well and Christos “Miller”, George Siras from Athens, and Juliet Sikora that traveled from Germany for Stathis & Ioanna wedding in the decks made everyone go mad dancing on the floor.

Stathi & Ioanna thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding, It was really a pleasure.


The Groom

Stathis Ioannou

The Groom and his best friendsHere comes the brideIoanna Peraki

At the reception, EsperosBride And Groom Entering Esperos and first danceThe live band Nostodia

The D.J.s, Christos Miller, George Sirasand Juliet Sikora

The groom with the photo and video guys!!!