Running A Blog

All I can say is congratulations to all these people that manage to run a blog and have a life too.

This past year I came in a position that I had to choose between running my blog and having a life… and I chose the later.

Everyone was moaning that I was not posting but for me it was a deliberate decision.

Now that the season is over for me and my last wedding for 2011 was 10 days ago, I can now take a breath and try to catch up.

I will start with my last wedding and go backwards, I was lucky enough this season to have shot some really interesting gigs and hopefully I will get to find the time to post about all of them.

Actually I was supposed to start posting today but my plans changed a bit because my cute little daughter wanted us to go to the public garden and play.
She is so good at convincing me to do what she wants…

My little daughter


Georgios & Zuzanna

This was the first wedding we were hired to do video only.

This is quite rare as we are basicaly a photography studio but it gave me the chance to shoot video for the whole day, something quite new and interesting to me.

I regularly shoot “some” video in every wedding but I do so only when I have nothing else to do since I’m usually the photographer. I have to admit that I really enjoy shooting video… actually, I love it.

After this experience I’m looking forward to book another “video only” wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love photography but I like doing something different every now and then for a change.

This is a little teaser we did for their wedding video.


Best of 2010 Part 3

Two more favorite weddings.

Efi and Avraam’s wedding was my favorite Greek wedding for 2010

Lots of fun with the easy going couple and their enthusiastic guests plus a different photo shoot a few days after the wedding.

I actually bloged about this wedding at the WedPro blog a few months ago but I had to make a blog post on my own blog too.


Best wishes for Efi & Avraam.

My second favorite wedding for this post is the wedding of Craig and Joanne. A lovely young couple from England that was realy fun to work with. Joanne is very photogenic and that made it really hard for me to choose my favorite pictures. Their wedding was in Koumos restaurant in Kalyves, everything there is self build with stones by the owner of the restaurant. A very interesting place indeed, with very good traditional Cretan food.


Best of 2010 part 2

Vanessa and Aaron are from the United States and they got married at the Elunda Mare hotel in the other side of the island.

They had a very small but also very romantic wedding.

For me it was 4 hours drive back and forth for only two hours of shooting but it was well worth it.

Karen and John are English but they love Crete so much that they bought a house here. John actually comes in Crete for so many years now that he actually considers himself  Greek. They both actually asked me to write their names in Greek in their wedding album.

Their wedding was definately one of my favorites for 2010


Best Of 2010 Part 1

Since I didn’t make it with the blog last year I thought it might be a good idea to do a “best of  2010″ post.

Not much talking, just some of my favorite pictures from last year.

First,  Adelia and Donovan from South Africa

They got married in Rethymnon

Adelia looks so much like a Greek TV persona it’s amazing.

The reception was in Avli Restaurant, one of the nicest restaurants in Rethymnon


The Cristening of Christos in Piraeus was one of my favorite Christenings in 2010