A Different “Wedding” Picture

A  few weeks ago, some of  my friends at our local photography club lefki, followed an art photography seminar held by the Panopticon Art If Act project.

It’s a project about free educational seminars in 13 Greek cities, with 13 different themes. 13 students participate in each one of them and the project is sponsored by OPAP (hence the number 13 on the project).

In the end of the seminar they asked them for a group picture of all 13 participants. But it couldn’t be just any picture, it should be a themed picture with a theme of their choice.

Now lefki organizes every year, seminars for enthusiast photographers and some of the members including my self  offer their knowledge for free in a 3 months photography course. This year we broke every record with more than 100 students attending.

It was in our first day when the seminars started that we were all together at Asotos Yios where our seminars take place, and some of the panopticon seminar participants were there too, talking about that group photo they had to take and at that point one of them, Spiros Zervoudakis looked at me, turned back to the other guys he was talking with and said: “I have a great idea…”, “we will do a wedding photo, Spiros will do it for us”.

For some reason some people when they look at me they think of weddings:), I wonder why.

I had no idea what they were talking about but I joined the conversation out of curiosity.

When I heard what it was about I was overly excited. I agreed to do it straight away and since it had to be done within just a couple of days I had to act really quick.

I was in charge to prepare the photo shoot of 13 of my friends with “Wedding” as a theme. Well I was not going to do this in the conventional way. Thank god everyone was just as crazy as the idea was and we ended up with some of the funniest wedding group pictures ever. Everyone of them had to get dressed something odd for a wedding. This was going to be fun.

The organizers at Panopticon had a blast when they saw them. I believe it’s going to be hard for them to forget about those crazy Cretans.

The first one was selected to be used and the second was a runner up


The “Royal” Wedding

The “Mexican” wedding


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