Sigma 85 f1.4 short review.

Here is the Sigma 85 f1.4 review I promissed:

It’s almost 2 months since I tried the lens and I barely had the chance to check the results.
This is not really a review since I only had the lens for one day but I will try to post my experience in a few words and show few shots I took with it.

I didn’t take any comparison shots with the Canon 1.8 or the 1.2. They were both available but for some reason I didn’t want to take the Sigma lens out of my camera.

The lens feels very good and has the right size and weight. In comparison the 1.8 feels cheep and the 1.2 way too heavy.

While shooting, AF on the Sigma lens feels faster than both Canons and the final images proved that AF was not only fast but accurate too. Sharpness was trully outstanding.
In extremely low light (60 f1.4 6400) focus without AF Assist light was dificult but after a couple back and forth movements the lens was focusing accurately on the subject. I wouldn’t expect any of the Canons to make it in that kind of light without AF Assist. I was amazed.
In some backlit shots in bright daylight I noticed some CA but nothing that cannot be corrected in post.

Hadn’t I just bought a Canon 135f2 the Sigma would have already being in my bag. For now it’s only going to stay in my wish list for 2011 but as soon as I finish with some other priorities I will definately get it.

The Sigma 85 f1.4 is Highily Recommended.

The following shots were taken during the WedPro Get Together meeting in Santorini Island on a Canon 5D MkII.
They are straight out of camera processed with DPP and with a slight contrast boost in PS. No additional sharpening or other tricks.

Polyxeni At Athermi studios

100% crop from lower right corner

Polyxeni in Oia Santorini


Oia Santorini

The image that showed a bit CA

100% crop

G. Michalas looking cool in the little streets of Oia, I just love the bokeh in that shot.

Artemis Asteriadi

Oly Ruiz

G Michalas & A Seferidis in very low light at Athermi Studios 1/60, f1.4 @6400ISO

A Seferidis

At this point I would like to thank one more time Galaios Photo, the photography store that supports WedPro in all of our activities for lending us the Sigma lenses and the Canon cameras (50 f1.4, 85 f1.4, 70-200 f2.8 OS, Canon 1DMkIV, and Canon 60D)

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this post is very usefull thx!

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